In Case of Emergency

Michigan Auto Accident Lawyers want to remind you to continually review your ICE contacts in your Cell Phone

We were talking in the office the other day, and someone commented that their cell phone ICE contact information was out of date and how they were lucky that they didn’t need that number in an emergency.

Well, life is not always that forgiving.  We urge you to periodically check your ICE contacts and remind your friends and family members to do the same.  When an emergency situation occurs, police and paramedics have a limited amount of time to make contact with your loved ones to help you receive the proper care you deserve.

In case you are new to the term, “In Case of Emergency” or ICE is a universally accepted contact that emergency workers look for at accident locations.  This contact should be a person you trust to respond to medical decisions in the event you are injured.

We encourage you to review your ICE contacts and make sure your family members do the same.  When seconds count… this is an opportunity to help eliminate delays in life saving medical attention.

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